Ms. Seki was genuine and encouraging during my job search. She stood out amongst other recruiters for many reasons. She went above and beyond to give me the proper instruction I needed to find the right job for me in this rough NY job market. I strongly recommend Ms. Seki to anyone who is searching for a new career. You will definitely have an advantage over other job seekers.
–K.T., Writer/International Journalist

Ms. Seki is honest, direct and smart. She understood and cared about my needs during my job search. She not only recommended me the positions that were great match to my interest and background, she also gave me a fair advice when I was debating between two positions. She is responsive, knowledgeable, and cares about her candidate’s career – at all levels. Although I am very happy with my current position, I also look forward to my continuing relationship with her. –T. H., Researcher, Banking

私にとっての関さんの第一印象は、とても知識のある方、そして正直で率直に説明をされる方というものでした。求職活動中には私の希望をよくご理解して下さり、そしていつも配慮して下さいました。私が挑戦してみたい、そして今までの経験を生かすことのできる、私に最も適したお仕事を紹介してくださいました。そして私が2つのポジションで迷っていた時には、とても公平なアドバイスをして下さいました。対応が迅速で、専門知識も豊富なうえ、求職者のキャリアアップを考えて真面目に取り組んでくださる方です。今現在私が毎日有意義な仕事ができるのも、本当に関さんのお陰です。友人を紹介させていただくなど、これからも関さんとは長くお付き合いをさせていただきたいと思っています。 –T. H., リサーチャー、銀行

I have dealt with recruiters in places like Tokyo, London and New York and never encountered someone like Ms. Seki. When it comes to being a recruiter, she is excellent. In various aspects of the job search, she was always direct and precise in her advice.  She was my anchor.  Ms. Seki encouraged me every time I consulted her. Even after I received a job offer I was unsure which way I should go, thanks to her clear and unwavering advice, without a doubt I was able to make the right decision. From now on I absolutely recommend Ms. Seki to all my friends who are changing careers.  –A.S., Analyst, Banking

これまで、東京、ロンドン、ニューヨークの各地で人材紹介のエージェントのお世話になってきましたが、関さんのような素晴らしいリクルーターに出会えたのは、初めてのことでした。求職期間中の様々な局面で、いつも率直で的確な助言をいただきましたし、相談するたびに、前向きな気持にさせてくださる心強い存在でした。オファーを受けてからも迷いがあったのですが、クリアでぶれない関さんのおかげで、納得のいく良い結論を出せたと思います。今後、求職活動をする友人にも是非ご紹介したいと思います。 –A.S., アナリスト、銀行

Ms. Seki is one of the best recruiter ever I have met. She is very professional who can effectively handle clients’ needs with her senior experience. I strongly recommend her to anyone. – M.A., IT Manager, Information Technology

Megumi Seki: is one of the most professional and ethical recruiters with whom I had the pleasure of working. She takes painstaking time to interview, listen and process all information to make appropriate decisions for both candidate and client. – F. C., Business Development, Information Technology/Recruiting

Having worked with literally thousands of individuals in my pre and post military careers I can honestly say that Megumi is one in a million. She is driven, laser focused and meticulous. Her skill and experience will impress you and after all that talent, she is also one of the kindest persons I know. You can have no better player on your team. – J.T.G., Retired USN, Social Media Marketing Consultant